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"I've been training and playing with Jenya for the past 2 years since 2014-2016 Jenya developed me into a stronger person on ice and off ice. Giving me better opportunities which helped me become a successful person and helping me get into something I've always wanted to play which was either playing NCAA or CIS College/University hockey. I would really want to thank him for giving me this opportunity because ever since he trained me I improved a lot from the past 2 years. Oh yeah, I can't forget Nemi and Mandy they also been a huge part of my improvements also experiencing all the great memories and laughs I had with the stars.Kristine StrawberryBuffalo State University"

by Cole Workman / Finlandia University on Hockey Training Institute

Hockey Training Institute"Training with Jenya during the summer of 2010 was an experience I will never regret. I was trained at the highest level of competition and was turned into a better hockey player day by day. The intensity and competitiveness that Jenya brings to the table is one that is hard to beat. He expects the best out of you and pushes yourself to areas that you didn’t even know were there. I progressed day by day and experienced the best training to this day with Jenya. His professionalism on and off the ice was what made my experience like no other. His communication with players makes you feel like you’re apart of something special and does an extremely good job in taking each individual player and making them feel like they belong. His honesty is what I appreciated the most, when there was a problem in my game or in the gym he was not afraid to pull me aside and work on the problem to make it better. He is a very approachable person and is always willing to help you out if there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Most importantly he made hockey fun, he knew how to bring out the best in each kid that he helped develop into what and who they are as an athlete and as a person. To this day I still I use skills and methods that Jenya taught me for the short time I was with him, I would recommend him to anybody looking to take their game to the next level and train at the highest level possible. "

by Elena Dergacheva / Russian Women’s Olympic Team on Hockey Training Institute

Hockey Training Institute"Last year, before the World Championship (Ottawa), Jenya invited me to come to Canada. I decided to go right away. I was a little nervous, because I didn’t know English very well, but the team had players from around the world and one of the Russian girls helped me a lot. Jenya was always there to help me with his advice during the practices and to help me get accustomed to the team. Nemmy Jankovic, who speaks some Russian also, was also always there available to help. First few days in the program I had a hard time adjusting to everything, but all the girls were very welcoming and were there to help me out. The practices were very challenging and I was learning a lot every day. The coaches had a personal approach to every player’s and paid a lot of attention to every player’s development. Weak points were identified and worked on to help players improve. I am very thankful to Jenya for inviting me to come last year, it was a life experience and helped me better understand my goals in hockey and in life. I now look forward to being a part of the Hockey Training Institute during the 2014-2015 season, where I can continue to work on my game and pursue an NCAA scholarship. I am confident that Jenya and Nemmy will help me achieve my goals. "

by Katherine Gale / University of Toronto on Hockey Training Institute

Hockey Training Institute"After being coached by both Nemmy and Jenya, the skills and knowledge that they gave me allowed me to progress and develop to a new higher level to compete at both International and University standard. Together they worked exceptionally hard to ensure that the best of my ability was achieved and more. From the amount of effort they put in, it ensured the hockey was the best I have experienced and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Their style of coaching and training is intense, exciting, fun but most of all tremendously beneficial. Their attention to detail at the individual level ensured I improved throughout my time I spent with them on and off the ice. Whether this was skills, video, shooting, strength or plays, their knowledge and expertise was evident as they clearly taught me how to be the best I can be.I would not be where I am today without their help!Thank you so much,Katherine Gale"

by Lee Ann Schlake, Parent on Hockey Training Institute

"My daughter, Kaitlyn, was on a team coached by Jenya Feldman & Nemmy Jankovich during last year’s hockey season. In discussing this with her, she learned a lot from them as the season progressed. They really took the time to get to know all the players & had one on one sessions with each player to go over individual development. Team building and bonding was also a major focus. Off ice training was held and the team was in great shape by the end of the first month. Kaitlyn had a great experience playing on their team.Personally, I found them to be very professional coaches who care about their players. I live about 3600 kilometers away from the city in which the team played. Jenya kept in contact with me so I knew how Kaitlyn was handling her time away from home. Any time I had any questions, both Jenya and Nemmy were available for discussion."

by Anna Fiegert on Hockey Training Institute

Hockey Training Institute"The season I got to spend with Jenya and Nemmy as my coaches has been the most beneficial and life changing one I’ve ever had. I knew that there was a lot more to learn and get better at when I started playing hockey for them, but the amount of skill and training ethic they could teach me was just incredible. This season did not just make me a better hockey player on the ice but also a more independent and stronger character off the ice. They always paid attention to every single individual player in order to get the best out of them. I cannot thank them more for everything. It has always been my dream to play hockey at the Division 1 and therefore the highest level possible. I would not have been able to get there without Jenya’s and Nemmy’s help.Thank you so much,Anna FiegertUniversity of Minnesota, Mankato (NCAA, D-I)"

by Jacki Thode on Hockey Training Institute

Hockey Training Institute"I met Jenya in 2005, he was coaching the organization's boys team while I played on the organization's women's team. I did not have abundant contact with him that season, our contact was limited to a handful of ice practices and off-ice conversations. However, the quality of those few interactions was so immense that he changed me as a player, for the better. It changed my physical and mental game. The lessons he taught me are things I actively considered and applied throughout my college and European career. Those lessons pushed me to excel to be the best player I could be and I am so thankful for those that I am a proponent of Jenya all these years later. Given the minimal time I spent with him as player and the impact it had I would be excited to see the growth he can facilitate over a season or longer.

Vermont University, NCAA D-I Alumni
Assistant Coach Austrian Women's U-18 Team"

by Will Bruce on Hockey Training Institute

Hockey Training Institute""I grew up playing ice hockey in Nashville, Tennessee. I wanted to play at the junior and college levels, but the level of competition in the Southern region of the U.S. made that jump to the next level big - and unlikely. Luckily, I found Jenya Feldman. Jenya not only taught me the skills I needed in order to succeed at the highest levels of ice hockey. He also taught me how to play the game, and more importantly, he taught me how to compete. By words and by example, Jenya showed me how to train like a competitor both on and off the ice. Whether it was shooting hundreds of weighted pucks, building strength through off-ice plyometrics, or ingraining skating techniques through on-ice drills, Jenya showed me the way to the junior A and college levels. During my first summer with Jenya, I realized that I had found my ticket to my hockey dreams. I came back to train with Jenya for three more summers and a full season. Jenya turned my unlikely ice-hockey dreams into a successful junior-A and collegiate career."

Will Bruce

Williams College (NCAA)
Oxford University
Harvard Law School

by Cindy and Brian Brady on Hockey Training Institute

"Our daughter Hannah's passion is hockey. She has played since she was 4 years old. Now, as she looks towards college, her goal is to play D1 collegiate hockey. Hannah went to the July 2014 camp at HTI. She had the privilege to meet some international players at the camp and learn some of their cultures. This was a much more intense and focused hockey training than she has ever had before. She loved it! Jenya and Nemmy taught her how to work at correcting some of her problem areas and to better her talent in other areas. Both coaches always being very positive and encouraging. HTI, Jenya and Nemmy are focused on the total player package. A well rounded hockey player, both on and off ice, team building, peer relationships, and ultimately wanting to help each player achieve his or her own goals. Hannah enjoyed camp so much, that she is returning to HTI for the 2014-2015 season to be part of the HTI Lady Stars team. She is looking forward to learning more and becoming the best hockey player she can be and meet some great friends along the way! We would highly recommend anyone interested in becoming a better hockey player to attend HTI. It was an awesome experience for our daughter! We thank Jenya for this opportunity for her!Cindy and Brian Brady, Hannah's parentsPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA"

by Cindy and Brian Brady on Hockey Training Institute

"My daughter, Kallin, attended HTI's summer training camp this past July. Not only did she come back a stronger player who is more motivated than ever to pursue her dream of playing hockey at the highest level, she came home with lifelong friends from all over the world. It was such a wonderful experience for her. Jenya and Nemmy do a great job of mentoring the kids. When Kallin came home we had a decision to make, whether or not she would leave Michigan and her high school team to spend her senior year with HTI. As a parent it was a decision that didn't come easy. However, I knew it was the right way to go when Kallin and I sat down to discuss the major commitment this was going to be for our family and she said "mom, you are saying everything Jenya said, we talked about all this at camp". It was very comforting to know he was talking to the kids, not only about hockey, but about life and school as well. We all look forward to a successful year at HTI and I would highly recommend this experience for anyone with the dream of being the best player they can be. "

by Hannah Desjarlais, Hockey Player on Hockey Training Institute

Hockey Training Institute"My experience at the HTI training camp was definitely one to remember. The great environment really benefited my experience when it came to off ice training with some really great coaches and peers. The off ice/ on ice training was just the right tempo for a summer camp for sure, and I also really enjoyed the workouts that we were given. The best thing I took from this camp was the advice and mentor ship from Jenya and Katherine. They challenged me to do better at things, and gave me the guidance I needed. My overall experience from the great instructors, the organization and coaches made me want to achieve my future goals and aspirations through the HTI program to pursue my goal of attending University or college to play NCAA or CIS hockey.

Hannah Desjarlais
Buffalo State University"

by Eri kiribuchi on Hockey Training Institute

Hockey Training Institute"I met Jenya during my high school time and I was playing on girls' team of one organization and Jenya was coaching men's team of the same organization at that time. we had very small interaction, but during that time, Jenya took the time to share his knowledge and taught me a lot about the game of hockey and made me a better player, even though I wasn't on his team. He was always trying to raise the level of his team and brought intensity and competitiveness to every practice. I'll be looking forward to see how his new athletes will grow in his new facility.

Eri Kiribuchi
Carlton University, Ottawa"

by Kirill Tulupov on Hockey Training Institute

Hockey Training Institute"Jenya is a great coach that helped me reach a new level in sport. He has a unique way of training his players and individual approach to each one of them. His experience and knowledge in hockey is very visible when you see him work on ice.

Great specialist!
Kirill Tulupov
Chicoutimi Sagueneens - QMJL
Oklahoma City Barons - AHL
Moscow Spartak, Chekhov Vityaz - KHL"

by Tiana Caplin on Hockey Training Institute

"My name is Tianna Caplin, and I am proud to share that I’ve attended the Hockey Training Institute during the 2014-2015 hockey season. Firstly, I’d like thank coaches and staff for their amazing hard work and support throughout my 6 months of being a student and player at the academy.There is no doubt in my mind that Jenya, Nemmy, Catherine and Johan put my teammates and myself through the best off-ice and on ice training I’ve experienced. Within the first few weeks I felt change in my body; strength and health wise. On ice, I feel that I improved with simple important knowledge of the game from my coaches more than I ever have before; just changing my technique I’ve found my shot to be more powerful and effective. That being said, it does not come easy, but it does come with hard work and dedication. Jenya and Nemmy taught me the limits you need hit to be the best, to compete and to bring out everything you got until exhaustion. Being a hockey player is more than dressing up in your gear, shooting a puck around and “living the dream.” My journey at HTI showed me what it’s like to hurt in places my body never hurt before. I taped my sticks, sharpened my skates, and dripped sweat more than I ever have but I can promise you that every second of it is worth it! I know now what I need to do to prepare myself for the next level, and I have my coaches from HTI to thank for that.The HTI stars is not just a label on the wall, helmet or jersey, we are a family; we bonded, laughed, argued, cheered, cried and had each other’s back through everything and anything. We grew from so small to so big within our team together and as individuals. Jenya gave us the opportunities to experience watching the Detroit vs. Pittsburgh and CWHL all-star game where I watched my favourite players of all time play the game I love, Crosby and Hilary Knight. I’ve grown so much over the past year and HTI is a huge part of my accomplishments and helped me with my mind set of things in a brighter light. This program was one of the best decisions I’ve made and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of being a part of the Hockey Training Institute, and I couldn’t have asked to spend it with a better group of girls and staff!Finally, some little advice from a vet, never give up and ALWAYS stay low!Yours truly,Tianna Caplin #2"

by Edgar Soto on Hockey Training Institute

"I just wanted to take this time to thank you for everything you ever did for me as a coach. A lot of the values you have instilled into me as a 17 year old I still carry with me today 10 years later. I know I was stubborn at times and got into trouble but I must say Jenya not only were you a coach I will always remember, but you are a person I will always remember. I had some of the best years of my life at the world hockey centre playing for you and Bob and with the guys on the Rattlers. Thank you for everything Jenya I really mean it. I still find myself thinking about the time you came into our rooms blowing the whistle telling us "this is what 5 AM feels like boys!" A line that John Orrico, David Velich, and Colby Drost still carried with us into college! Thank you for being a coach, a mentor, a role model and basically just someone that made a difference on my life."